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Liverpool gets every where......

This Iron swing bridge is in Belize City.....we were on a trip there a few years ago and I was fascinated to learn that it was constructed in Liverpool

Constructed in Liverpool, England and brought to Belize City by a United States company in New Orleans, it was built to allow sailing fishing boats with tall masts to pass the bridge and continue up river to offer supplies and services to the city. The construction of the new bridge replaced several wooden bridges that had been built by locals during the mid-19th century by locals to cross the Haulover Creek. The Haulover Creek is actually the inlet for the Belize River but was so called because cattlemen had to pull their cattle across the creek with ropes ("hauling over the creek"). The bridge was constructed in 1922 and installation was finished in 1923. It was manually opened by four men cranking by hand. The bridge was swung twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening, to allow boat traffic through.

Fascinating Liz! Anymore pic's?

Thats a great discovery Lizzie, Ta for sharing, I would love to know which Liverpool Iron Works built the bridge in Kit Form, prior to it being exported out. Belize was a former British Colony called British Hondures up until about 30 yrears ago so I reckon it contains many similar interesting British Links.. here is a home made movie showing a hurricane on the Island in the earlier part of the 1900s. I'm sure you and MOJO will find it as intertesting as I did.

Wow that is one hell of a hurricane...... Shocked

Will see if I can find out which iron works it was built by

MOJO I only have that one pic that we took.....not sure why as we normally take loads of everything Rolling Eyes

This is interesting though  


Many swing bridges have been built around the world, but the Swing Bridge in Belize City is the only functioning, manually operated bridge still in existence

We build them well in Liverpool Wink  Laughing

That's fantastic Lizzie. In fact, it's pretty awesome really innit? Thanks for sharing that with us.  Cool Forum Index -> Photographs
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