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Liverpool Murders

Wife Battered in Parlour
In 1881 Everton man Joseph McEntee was hanged for killing his wife, whose body was found by fellow tenants whilst he went on the run.

Joseph, who worked as a tailor, lived with his wife Ellen (aged 50) in a three storey house at 89 Rose Place, occupying the parlour and top storey. Another family named the Penningtons rented the first floor.

On the morning of 5th April 1881 one of the Pennington children, a little girl came downstairs and found a blood soaked rag on the floor and noticed that the parlour door handle was missing. She then looked through the keyhole and saw the corpse of Ellen, but was told off by her mother for being nosey. However when Martha Pennington went down herself she looked and could only see the prisoner, but when he went out she opened the door using a stick and found the battered body of Ellen.

The police and a doctor were called, who ascertained that there were five stab wounds on the body and that the death had probably occurred the night before. A niece of Ellen came forward to say that she had called to see her at 10pm and Joseph had been evasive as to her whereabouts, and had appeared to step over something as he answered the door.

Good Link Valencia,Ta.  . some really awful stuff went on in those days too by the look of things

It was a big thing them days, now murder is just an every day occurrence.  Confused

Barbie wrote:
It was a big thing them days, now murder is just an every day occurrence.  Confused

Life is cheap now Barbie and the sentence never fits the crime!

If you check any records for crime of murder,in the U.K. I think you'll find that there is a similar figure now,to that of victorian/edwardian era! There was a decline in the middle of the 20th century(probably something to do with the 2 world wars) but now we're back to normal!!! Smile

Lets face it, some people are only alive because it is illegal to kill them! Humans, born hunters! Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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