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Madeleine McCann: Police confirm Portugal 'activity'

Police investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance say "activity" is expected to begin in Portugal soon.

The disclosure comes amid reports Portuguese authorities have given permission for sites in Praia da Luz, where the toddler went missing, to be searched.

Met Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said he would be unable to provide details of the activity.

But he said he believed it would occur "in the coming weeks".

Seven years since Madeleine McCann disappeared, the spotlight once again falls on the little town Praia da Luz and the search for a lost girl. But the back story is the relationship between two countries, and two police forces.

On Tuesday, a Portuguese prosecutor confirmed that a series of requests from British police for investigative work in Portugal have been approved. And later - in an open letter - the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said activity is to begin soon.

But there was more. Mr Rowley urged the media to avoid speculation; to think of the impact it might have on the investigation.

That is because the Portuguese police and not the British will carry out any work in Praia da Luz. British officers will simply be observers. Without the co-operation of the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria, the British efforts will not get far.

The relationship between the forces has been difficult at times. Officers in both countries have told me of their frustrations. Both have active and separate investigations. Leaks and speculation could fatally undermine their co-operation.

It seems an upsurge in police activity is about to start. If it is to be successful, this sometimes uneasy relationship will need to survive.

A letter was sent to media editors amid speculation about excavation work. Mr Rowley asked them to "think carefully" about information they published.

I don't believe she will be found alive.

hmmmmmm ! I cant say on here what I think about this, apart from saying how my heart goes out for that Poor child.

I think most people, quite rightly blame the parents for leaving her alone.  An act of pure selfishness!

I'm saying nowt...... Evil or Very Mad

I can't stand either of her parents, they come over as totally false. Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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