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Manchester Bombing.

This is from early this morning, and the death count has risen. R.I.P.

R.I.P.  those who have lost their lives and speedy recovery to those injured.

To the shit bag, I hope you rot in hell.
I can't express my feelings without resorting to expletives and so, I will leave it there.....

for the good hearted people who helped those affected, well done. To the homeless guy who held a dying woman, you sir are a truly decent man, no doubt you have had a share of abuse for the lifestyle you have and yet, you were there. That poor lady wasn't alone in her last minutes thanks to you. I hope you receive some help as I would imagine you are traumatized. I would love dearly to shake your hand.

The taxi drivers who have taken people home for free, total respect!

To the emergency services , well done, you're all amazing people. Undervalued most of the time and yet, there you are.....

I feel very emotional this evening, sickened to my soul. I don't know anybody who was there and yet, I've shed tears. My kids use that venue often, it could have been them, how easy it can happen.

Liverpool needs to be on guard now, as all major cities do. To my fellow scousers, take care, stay safe.


We live in dangerous times and I feel so sad that so many have died and been injured.  It is disturbing that several people are still unaccounted for.  RIP

Don't know if exits have security on them but he could have slipped in via them.  Terrible atrocity, something needs to be done to stop these *******. RIP

A pupil from Halewood Academy is one of the children who has died.  RIP Megan.

That homeless guy, (why am I referring to him as that???) Stephen Jones, had two choices that night, walk or help. He helped. That god for him and everyone else who helped the hurt and dying.
The firemen, were not allowed to help, order of their superiors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely disgraceful. They are sickened by that order themselves.
I don't know why they weren't but it doesn't seem like a good idea to me when other people with no first aid training were and did!

I had the worst nightmare I have ever had last night. i woke up in a bit of a state as my mind was still in that nightmare. It was all due to this atrocity. For the first time in my life, I've been affected. First time I have ever felt worried. Yes, I feel scared. It's never happened before.... Crying or Very sad
Lord knows what the people who were there are feeling like.... Crying or Very sad Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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