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mary ann mcmonagle

lived at 64 seaforth street seaforth with her husband john dunford in 1900 till 1934 a drapery shop where she and her three daughters would make ladies clothes made to measure,john dunford was a forman in liverpool docks,
john dunford was born in 1858 married mary ann dunford in walton on the hill,mary ann mcmonagle was born 1860 died  1939they also had anotherdrapery shopp accrossed the street but do not know the number
little story from my family which you might like
john and ann dunford had had 8 children
one of them a school teacher for seaforth council.
her name was edith ann dunford
in 1904 she started writing a book
in 1905 she met a publisher who went crazy over this book and bought it from her .in 1906 she met and maried a mr wilfred burlinson.soon she was paid for her book.not trusting banks she kepy this money locked up in her kitchen,while out shopping one day her husband comes home breaks the lock takes all the money leaving a note sorry but need a better life,her mother and father said not to tell anybody because of the shame.but  a few days later a detective came on the radio telling his stories when he finished he said if you need anybody found ring my number and gave his number grand mother ann dunford phoned him told him this story and he said leave it to me.well by surprise in a few months he had found in mexico in a very fine hotel .the detective told him come straight home or i will inform the mexico police.and you will never get out of prison,well wilfred burlinson was on the next ship home it seems he had travelled to america.then took the next ship to mexico,when he returned home john dunford had arranged a party for him,he said he was very sorry and settled down again but before the year was out he had taken the money again and gone .but died in canadain 1907 his wife whenhe left was pregnant and had his son in 1907 he never saw his son .now ourfamily always wanted to know what the book was about .as she got so much money for he paid is way to america,then to mexico,lived inthe best hotel there ,paid his fare back to england .then paid his fare again to canada,again living in a hotel where he died, what was the book if you can help my great grand father was john dunford carter living at 20 naylor street liverpool with his wife martha.and 6 children who were all baptised at st marys church liverpool from 1812 to 1825,he died at titchfield street liverpool of fever in 1837 now we have tried but cannot find his date of marraige please can you help,

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