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Meet Sundance.......

My adopted boy who I have adopted through the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society''''''''.he lives in Scotland

Hi, Iím Sundance. I was first spotted in 1990 when I was a tiny calf. Now Iím grown up and WDCS recognises me by a nick in my fin. I love to socialise with my friends and there are lots of photos of me splashing and leaping with the other dolphins.

Moonlight is one of my closest friends and Iím often seen out and about with her - thereís even a bit of speculation about whether we are more than just friends! But sometimes I just like to hang out with the boys and I have been known to get into the odd underwater fight!

I love the dolphins Lizzie.  Cool

Barbie wrote:
I love the dolphins Lizzie. †Cool

Me too am planning a trip to go and see if we can see him...he lives in the Moray Firth.....

I hope you make it. Give him a fish from me if you do.  Very Happy Forum Index -> Photographs
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