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Mothers Day

A Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers out there, be they still with us, or be they long departed, They will forever be our Mums.

God Bless me Mam !


My kids bought me a small bird cage sort of thing....with bath items inside, hand cream etc. It's lovely and will hang it in my new bathroom after I empty it.
I also got a dvd of Bread series 1 and 2. A Kinder egg and a lucky bag..... Laughing  Laughing It's a joke amongst the 2 of us.  Laughing

I cooked dinner....I cleaned up..... Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

I received flowers, chocs and a basket (with a peach bow) of delicious muffins.  When the muffins got ate my husband bought me a lovely plant to put in it.  He also bought me some silver earrings. Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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