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My rock n roll life...

Just saw this thread and thought I'd put in some of my favourites...Beatles of course...the soundtrack of our youth...progressing to heavier stuff when I was about 13...Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and all other heavy rock. I used to go regularly to concerts at the Empire and Royal Court, late 70's early 80's....Rock n roll man....Tis the reason why I'm deaf and about to get a hearing aid!!! Sad  Too much noise pollution when young...oh, and I play the drums too...
These days?...well same old stuff really, Black sabbath, Beatles, Deep Purple, anything 1960's but especially psychedelic stuff..and Bob Dylan. You get the score!

with Ozzy Osbourne, circa 1980...don't laugh

Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, and lots of fantastic solo stuff....the voice of rock and one of my hero's...(we all have hero's). They say you shouldn't meet your hero's, you will only be disappointed...well I've met quite a few of mine and each and every one has been a true gent and a great pleasure.  The rock star is on the left btw

Great pics DP ,, sooo interested what music you are going to put on ,,,,,Jan x Very Happy

Metal Freak here.... Cool I'm also a deaf metal freak, but not cos of my music, it's hereditary what I have.
My son and daughter are both metal/rock freaks, my son and his cousin have metloads of band members as they go to the Download fest every year.
Good pics.

Just got a feeling Barbie ya gonna love this ,,,hahaha ,,,Jan xx

Oopps..didn't know you were expecting a music
Well, I'll start off with all of our Fav's, the Fab Four. Some great early footage here and I love this early song...

Lol, they were a proper bunch of scallies.... Very Happy

Great start love it and great vid ,,,,Jan x Very Happy

Its like your telling people about me heeheehee

Bad Company..Uriah Heep..Deep Purple..Black sabath...
Jethro Tull.. My oh my, those where the days....heehee Forum Index -> Music
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