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Mysterious Building?

I'd lost this pic',but came across it again...somewhere! It shows a doorway,and 3 windows that have been bricked up. Nothing so unusual in that,till you realise there is no sky,and this is actually below ground level! Apparently,this small "Street",is under what was a "Qwikfit" garage,in Renshaw st.(and not Ranelagh it says on properties!) and is supposed to go further on??

An underground Street rings a bell Mojo....very interesting. I hope someone has the info on this.

I've heard you speak of this underground area in previous posts MOJO. but not seen a pic of it until now. Ta for sharing it.
I Dont personally know anything of its origin but I have a theory that may or may not assist in explaining it.
I know for a fact that in a couple of other areas of town there were Trades delivery 'access corridors' running below the pavement level the full stretch of rows of shops, access being gained from the ends of the Row enabling convenient and unobstructed deliveries and dispatches from the businesses to be carried out.Each property having their own access to this Corridor from the basement of their own individual premises. If what I am describing is applicable to your pic then the bricked up Doorway and windows would formally have been looking outwards into this common Acess Corridor which probably had Iron Grilles above in the Pavement to allow daylight .  What do you reckon MOJO ?

Originally,I had a few pic's of various underground anomalies,in Liverpool. These were mainly from a site called "Underground Liverpool" which doesn't seem to exist anymore! Many of these could be be practically explained,but some remained a puzzle,as to what they actually were!
        Liverpool rests on a mainly sandstone plateau,which has many natural caves,tunnels,and passages,which have been utilised,and improved on,over the years,the "Mad Mole" Mr. Williamson,being a famous local exponent!
                                 As for your theory,B.B. it sounds reasonable enough,but ask yourself why you would have an internal,below ground alley, for delivery? It's seems to be more of an obstruction,than a benefit,but maybe these were once domestic properties,with cellar rooms,(as was quite common,at one time) which were then converted for business use,and the open access covered over?

I think the Delivery Alley is a feasable possibilkity MOJO but I also see your theory as a distinct possibility too. The thing t otry and find out is whether properties along that particular Stretch of roadway have ever been Residential. Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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