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Mystery Building??

A couple of months ago,I posted some pic's of back Berry st, which had a club called MOJO! There was an odd shaped building that I mentioned,as it didn't seem to "fit" with the general plan of the block,and when I looked on google maps,it seemed even stranger,as it apparently has no roof,and it really is at an odd angle to the other buildings! I'm curious as to what it was/is,and wondered if anyone here,had any idea's?

Here's my rather pathetic map,copy(first time  Smile ) but it shows St.Luke's in the top,right hand corner,which should give some bearing on where it is,and I've arrowed the building!

These are the pic's I posted of the building at ground level.

MOJO clues,anyone?

Nope sorry mate, I don't have a clue.  Confused

MOJO The sandstone walling gives clues of it being of some considerable age,and obviosly predating its adjcent buildings. ..... I have looked at the position of that structure on an old street map and may be able to give a possible clue to its former use,
The building sits smack bang over the Underground ex Cheshire Lines railway tunnel running out of central Station towards Brunswick station via the disused St James Street Tunnel At Parliament Street.
At the angle that it is built ,it is at 90 degrees to the railway track and straddles it perfectly for it to have been a ventilation shaft for the steam pwered trains traveling the line when tfirst buit.

What do you reckon MOJO ?...I may be totally wrong of course but its something for you to maybe look into a bit further...let us know how you get on

Thanks for that's just the angle I thought was odd,initially,even from street level,but the google pic' made it look all the more mysterious! As you say,that little bit of sandstone wall might hold the clue,and the unusual angle,would make sense,if it followed a rail tunnel below,and would also explain the lack of a roof!!(it does look pretty black inside!)  Smile

(I've just thought on " What a disappointment though"!!)  Rolling Eyes

I love that old wall ,,, Jan x Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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