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New Brighton Lifeboat station 'Open Day'

RNLI New Brighton Open Day

This Sunday 1st June - 11am till 4pm

150 years of service to the Community on land and on sea.
Get along there  have a Nosey around and support them if you can

I'd always support the RNLI, often give a few bob in the collection boxes. My dad's friend was one. He wrote a book.

What an amazing man Richard Evans was and what an eventful long life he lived, I was open mouthed reading the account of that mans bravery in risking his own life countless times in horrendous frightening conditions in order to save the lives of others .Ithink his wife also must have been very strong willed in order to cope with the constant worry over the safety of her husband and father of their children...Reading of things such as this reaffirms your faith in human nature, reminding you that there are more good people than bad in this world , yet its the bad that often get the publics attention at the cost of ignoring the likes of brave people such as Richard. I bet your dad was proud to have know such a great man barbie, and thanks for bringing his story to the attention of others who may not have heard it, myself included in that. Fantastic !

Dick! He was Dick Evans if you knew him.  Very Happy

Well, I went to New Brighton today and stood outside the life boat place, I was talking to the lady who was brushing up outside, making it look nice for tomorrow's open day. I was telling her about Dick and my dad. I gave them a donation too.  Very Happy


Thanks for sharing the pic barbie..

At the time that plaque was installed it states the statistics of 1055 Launches and 1167 lives saved, that equates to more than one life saved every single launch.  That avereage is quite amazing and shows what a vitally important service the RNLI really is. It has certainly opened my eyes  more fully to the extent of dedication and bravery of all involved throughout its long and distinguished history Forum Index -> Websites & Reviews
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