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New Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood Centre

Just noticed this whilst driving past the other day. Its not too far from me and I caught a glimpse of the far out colours and decided it warranted a closer look. There is a new school, library, police station, swimming baths/gym, community centre all in one wonderful modernist type building.

Fantastic. I just love that architecture and the colours are brill...a real nod to the 1960's 'modernist movement' .....
you can't have too much

It reminds me of the sort of building architecture you see in Germany and Scandinavia...very modern and functional. Not typically, ugly British type of building, which is usually mock-tudor/victorian/edwardian/georgian in style.


Think it looks pretty good,never guess there was a police station there too! Smile

a couple more...
orange window detail...hmmm, it.........
This is the future


well...the police 'station' is more like a police desk within the reception area of the swimming baths, but still, a vital component ....

Good quality pics there Dp.
A couple of weeks back I was looking for that library , as there was a local history talk on there.....could I hell as like find it...I was driving around in circles....15 mins I gave it... and about a Fiver in petrol  Rolling Eyes  and then I gave looks good

Very colourful building to brighten the place up!

I like the building, looks Scandinavian to me ,,really mod ..Jan x

Well, for someone who adores all the old stuff of yesteryear, I have to say how wonderfully cheerful that looks. Thanks for showing us these pics, the colours are fantastic.  Cool

Ha !  .. I went that way again today and found it . It looks good

glad you found looks nice.
I am going to try out the swimming baths there. Its years since I have been swimming and I just fancy a dip in the brand new pool.
They had a digital thermometer at the reception area when I popped in yesterday
'Water temperature Today: 31 degrees'....hmmm, warrrmmmm

That sure beats old Dovecot baths in the 1970'
Sometimes it felt like you broke the ice when jumping in at Dovey baths.

Indeed, I well remember going there with a few friends in the early 80's in winter and they had had problems with the boiler and were unable to heat the water. They said we could still go in but it may be a bit cold!!
We were the only fools in there and we lasted about 5 about brass monkeys. Forum Index -> Photographs
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