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Nick Clegg claims coalition unity on free school meals

Nick Clegg has said ministers are at one over plans to give all pupils under seven in England free school meals.

It came after Education Secretary Michael Gove and Lib Dem schools minister David Laws declared they were "not at war", after reports of a rift.

Penning a joint article in the Times newspaper, they said that plans to bring in free school meals from September had "cross-party support".

The deputy PM did not deny reports that he had told them to write it.

Pressed on whether he had ordered the article to be written, Mr Clegg told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Of course I want the government in support of a policy that I think is going to make a dramatic difference.

I would rather the money be spent elsewhere and as it says in the article are all schools ready anyway.

Lots of In fighting and jostling for position going on in That Coalition as the General Elections draw ever more closely.

I think Free School meals for all kids no matter what their background or Income of their parents is an Excellent idea. It takes away the Stigma of some kids being looked upon as of lower status than others.....No surprised the Tories are not too keen though . Remember Maggie Thatcher the Milk Snatcher !  Evil or Very Mad Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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