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This website is rather like google only it has loads of photos on every subject as you will find out!  As usual I found it by accident!

Thanks Alice!  Smile

Barbie wrote:
Thanks Alice!  Smile

Thanks Barbie, I have also put the link in the website section.

Good idea, it will be found one way or another.

....a good site there Alice,thanks!

Great !  Ta Alice.

That is a brilliant site!  I like this page,

Has anyone got any idea of the name of this garden surrounded by houses?

Its Abercromby Sqiare Valencia hers some info
Abercromby Square, named after soldier Ralph Abercromby, was completed by about 1830. One side was destroyed during World War II and the University now occupies all of the remaining buildings. The site of Abercromby Square was previously covered with an expanse of water known as the Moss Lake, which was carefully maintained by means of flood gates to serve as a means of cleansing the Old Pool and supplying tanners and dyers with the clean water they needed.
The Moss Lake in Recollections of Old Liverpool (1863), an anonymous author recalling the mid-18th century
It does not require a man to be very old to remember the pleasant appearance of Moss Lake Fields, with the Moss Lake Brook, or Gutter, as it was called, flowing in their midst. The fields extended from Myrtle Street to Paddington, and from the top of Mount Pleasant or Martindale's-hill, to the rise at Edge-hill. The brook ran parallel with the present Grove Street, rising somewhere about Myrtle Street. [...] Just where Oxford Street is now intersected by Grove Street, the brook opened out into a large pond, which was divided into two by a bridge and road communicating between the meadows on each side. The bridge was of stone of about four feet span, and rose above the meadow level. [...] In winter the Moss Lake Brook usually overflowed and caused a complete inundation. On this being frozen over fine skating was enjoyed for a considerable space. The corporation boundary line was at this side of the brook. [...] Just where Wavertree Lane, as it was called, commences there was once a large reservoir, which extended for some distance towards the Moss Lake Fields, Brownlow-Hill Lane being carried over it. Forum Index -> Photographs
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