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On the buses.

Not Liverpool, but not far....Heswall. I took the bus there again today, I like the place. Nice surprise when I got there......

Remember getting on and off at the back?


Look at these lights!

And the long seat behind the driver!

Interested? Sorry you missed them? don't be! Next weeks, same place, Heswall, sees even more buses arriving, Liverpool ones too. And..........taa rides around Heswall in them!
Guess where I am off to next sunday?  Cool

Nice pic's Barbie,but waiting for buses is one thing I'll never miss,especially on a Sunday!!! I usually get the train into town now,regular,quick,and reliable!

I can't knock my bus route of a day, but 6 o'clock in the morning they are a rare sight!  Rolling Eyes It used to be the other way round, loads of buses for the workers and fewer through the day. Just shows you that now there are less people going to work or using cars. Plenty thought the day will loads of space for prams. A sign of the times.
Anyway, I love the old buses, part of our history and so I do enjoy seeing them.

Interesting pics Barbie.  Went many times to Heswell and beyond with the kids.

I always feel sick on buses so prefer trains, if I am not driving.

Thanks for sharing your Pics of your day out overseas Barbie   Smile
Isnt it strange the way Wirral seems so far away from Liverpool yet most of it is no further away from us than say Speke or Halewood, yet we dont think twice about travelling to those places this side of the river. Its that Blinkin' Tunnel Toll that forms the Barrier to people on both sides of the river. If The Queensway Tunnel was Toll Free , as incidentally it was originally planned to be, then it would open up cross River travel and allow Merseyside & Wirral to intergrate much more fully than it is now

Loving The Buses Barbie, did you see any of these characters knocking about ?

Beeb, my weekly ticket that i buy for work takes me all over the Wirral for no extra cost. That's why I go. I love shopping in Birkenhead.

No, didn't see anyone from that vid!  Laughing  Although, I do resemble Olive.... Confused

Lovely pics Barbie......Heswall is lovely as I remember ..did part of my paeds training there....sadly though the hospital is no longer.....but I used to get the bus there and back on my days off and I loved the journey.....

Yes Lizzie, I love the bus ride there. Such a pretty area of the world.
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