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On This Day: May 1st 1941, 'The May Blitz'.

May 1st 1941, in the warm evening sunshine aircraft are made ready as the crews clamber aboard. Daimler-Benz engines cough and splutter into life with a belch of exhaust fumes and the noise shatters the peace of the Summer twilight.

Throttles are pulled back, and slowly, rubber tyres start to move over the grassy airfields in Northern France. The heavily laden bombers shuffle and line up for take off. Hitler's mighty Luftwaffe were taking to the skies again.

This time their target was, Liverpool.

The German squadrons massed into formation and headed up the North Sea or West, then North up the Irish Sea in an effort to avoid the thicker fighter cover of the RAF over Kent. On into the gathering gloom the bombers flew. It was rumoured the Germans were using new technology of radio beams to locate their target.

Though the squadrons that flew in the darkened skies to the West of Liverpool hardly needed that help. Eire was still neutral and not under blackout, so the lights of Dublin helped the bomber crews check their position exactly before they swung right and commenced their approach to the Mersey.

At 10:34pm that warm Thursday night the sirens over Liverpool wailed out their warning.

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