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John Rex

On yer Bike

Who remembers there bike rides out,with their families and their mates to the likes of Formby, Halewood, West Kirby and further afield . -Great Days !


Hi John,

I remember the bike rides out when I was a Kid, we would go missing for hours on end fortified by a portion of chips and a bottle of lemmo to keep us going till we got back home again. The worst was when you got a puncture and had to use your Mam's Knife or Fork to get the tyre off the wheel, the knives and forks never did straighten up again properly afterwards..  LOL.

I remember the Soens Brothers Bike shops around Kensington and Anfield.


I love cycling and remember going for cycle rides with my dad to visit his friend. Forum Index -> Hobbies/Pastimes/Days Out/Holidays
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