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Otterspool Prom........

thinking of going there when we come home †August bank holiday weekend..been looking at pics it still as nice .......I havenít been since Moses was a boy and thought hubby and woofles would enjoy it......anyone †recommend it.... Question

Its out Aigburth way isnít it.....

I went for a walk about there last summer. I hadn't been for ages. If the weather is ok then yeah it is a nice place for a walk, making sure you go into the park as well as the on the prom. There are other places near by to visit too Lizzie, for example, Cressington Park where the lovely big houses still stand, many of them once occupied by the 'famous'. Cressington boasts that Basil Rathbone once lived there, residing with his uncle for a short while.

Oh thanks for the info Barbie.....I donít remember Cressington Park..will defo go take a look see..........

Enjoy your visit Lizzie!

I would certainly like to visit Cressington Park, also Speke Hall, Sudley House and if it is a wet day which hopefully it won't be the new central library.

Girls don't miss the opportunity to visit all those Alice mentions, well worth it. Enjoy!   Cool Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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