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Paradise Garden's.(not)

These are Pinnington cottages,in Pardise gardens,in 1966. This was off the High st. in Wavertree! (wish I lived there Shocked )

Pic's unearthed by Ged Fagan. Cool

Cute little houses......but the insides............hard to believe that was in the 60's looks more the like the 1800's.........

Re: Paradise Garden's.(not)

Interesting collection of Geds , This side of the High Street appears to have been occupied by the working classes, including some Court housing in nearby Pye Street ,a Vast contrast can be seen if you take a look at the large Mansion houses on the other side of the High Street arouind North Drive, South Drive ,Victoria Avenue etc

MOJO, I think I've located for you a 'Now' Shot of Paradise Gardens
to compare with Ged's  1960's 'Then' shot

Quite an improvement wouldnt you say ?


Shocked Holy moley!!!! People were living like that when i even existed! Disgrace or what?
Excellent set of pics though.  Cool

Good comparison shot,B.B.,but like Lizzie,I actually prefer the style of older houses/street,though of course,not all the c**p inside! To think,when I was a sprog,I was told that only foreigners lived like this! Laughing

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