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Paul McCartney Goes Under

He has been forced to cancel two concerts in Japan due to illness, apparently he has not long since completed 19 shows in the USA. At 71 years of age thats a big ask isnt it

he seems to have more energy than me and i am not near his age.....well not really..... Very Happy

Thats some mean feat to do all those his age he can be forgiven for missing two if he is not feeling well

Latest reports are that he has been admitted to hospital with the virus I hope he is soon fully recovered and can resume performing and entertaining his Worldwide fans .

Some of these viruses can be very nasty, maybe it is time for him to slow down!

He is still under the weather and his Docs have advised he postpone until October, his USA Concerts due to start this month .He is 72 next week

I can see Paul going into semi retirement and just maybe singing in this country! Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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