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Peaches Geldof Dies

Such terrible tragedy in that family

RIP Peaches

So very sad, someone said she had lost weight recently, maybe she never got over the death of her mum RIP Peaches

It is very sad. I wasn't a fan or anything I was quite shocked. Only yesterday she posted a photo on twitter of herself as a kid with her mum.
I'm so sorry for her kids, they now have to grow up without their mum same as she did. It affected her badly though, aged 11, her father told her to carry on and off to school she went the day after her mum died. Never grieved. I think Bob was hard about Paula's death, I mean, I know she shit on him but this was his kids and he should have dealt with Paula's death better.
Then again, who am I to say how he should have dealt with it.....

I also think that Bob Geldof handled their mother's death in the wrong way.

Sad that she's died so young, but I must admit, not terribly surprised, considering her past experience! I was more shocked at the news of the 2 mothers, who drowned in Tenerife, trying to save their kids!

Quite shocking......wonder if it was some undiagnosed heart condition..... Question  or to do with her weight loss

Ether way may she RIP

MOJO that was also very sad.......

It has been reported that no drugs were found in the house and there will be a post mortem.

At least her kids wont grow up with the thought that their mother killed herself or was a druggie the way she herself had to.
Nobody deserves to die that young.

Police have launched a criminal inquiry after it emerged that heroin was likely to have played a part in her untimely death...

Poor girl. Poor kids.

It was stated on BBC breakfast news that part of the enquiry focuses on allegations that Drug related Paraphenalia was removed from the house , soon after the discovery of the poor girls body and  in particular ,this was all Prior to the arrival of the Police.
Incidently, Has anyone seen the photo of her and her partner that is doing the rounds at the moment ? The resemblance of him to the Young Bob Geldoff image is startlingly similar

Peaches never recovered from the death of her mother, so very sad.

It's certainly taken it's toll on him.... Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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