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Pistorius fired gun from car, ex-girlfriend tells trial

Oscar Pistorius' ex-girlfriend told his trial he once fired his gun from his car sunroof after becoming angry with police.

An emotional day in court then climaxed with testimony from a security guard shocked to find Mr Pistorius carrying a dying Reeva Steenkamp.

The athlete had earlier told him "everything is fine" when he rang him after shots were heard.

Mr Pistorius denies both murdering Ms Steenkamp and shooting from his car.

Model Samantha Taylor said she was 17 when she started dating Oscar Pistorius and they broke up on 4 November 2012 after he took Reeva Steenkamp to the SA Sports Awards.

She was called to testify regarding a lesser count relating to the alleged reckless handling of a firearm. Ms Taylor was familiar with the Pistorius house and spent about four nights a week there during their relationship, she said.

She painted a picture of a Pistorius who was greatly attached to his gun. "He always had it on him," even when he visited friends, she told the court.

Fearful of an intruder, whenever he heard a strange noise at night he would grab the gun then go to investigate, much as he did the night he shot Ms Steenkamp.

But unlike with Ms Steenkamp, Ms Taylor said that on at on least two occasions, her former boyfriend woke her up to check if she had also heard the noise.

Early in her testimony, former girlfriend Samantha Taylor broke down while discussing two break-ups with the athlete.

She said Mr Pistorius had twice been unfaithful, with the relationship finally ending when he "cheated" on her with Reeva Steenkamp.

Oscar Pistorius certainly seems to be a strange man with an obsession with guns and probably has psychological problems.  I would be very surprised if he isn't guilty.

....he's guilty, alright! Sounds a right nutter! Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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