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Queens Official Birthday Honours

Today in the United Kingdom [ other Countries have differing days ],is the day the Monarch puts aside to publicly celebrate his / her birthday, which by the way, for the current Monarch is on  21st April.
This is a weird tradition that goes back to the 1700s ,and is mostly known nowadays for The Trooping of the Colour plus of course, the Annual Dong giving occasion.
This years list is , as usual, composed of Celebs from Showbiz, Sport , Politics and Business, but the one  recipient that stands head and shoulders above all of them this year is The teenage cancer victim Stephen Sutton ,who has been honoured with an MBE .19-year-old, Stephen accepted the honour before his death last month.

Daniel Day Lewis? Really?  Rolling Eyes

Well done Stephen, as for the rest of them.....pfffffffffffffftttttttt.

My son is currently at the Download festival in Doiningorn Park. All them long haired, tattooed yetis, blue hair, green is what they did for Stephen:

Big huge thumbs up........I'm proud of them. Real people, not plastic celebs!


Well done to Stephen!

And also the mother of one of the 2 girls killed on a level crossing in Essex who has campaigned tirelessly for much safer level crossings.  

These are the people who should be getting these accolades.  The non famous who don't get paid but go beyond what is expected of them!

Well done to all of them!

I agree with you Alice. Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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