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Sam Kelley. I liked him in 'Allo 'Allo. We didn't see enough of this guy on the t.v. in my opinion.

I only know him from Porridge and he played his character very well in that show

R.I.P.  Sam

I didn't know this untill to day:
(From Wikipedia)

Early life

Kelly was born in Manchester, Lancashire, on 19 December 1943. He attended the Liverpool Collegiate School and was a chorister at Liverpool Cathedral, where he showed early acting talent by reciting monologues. He worked for three years in the Civil Service in Liverpool before training as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. After graduating in 1967, he appeared in repertory theatres around the UK.

It seems had no family. The Mail on line (Please forigve me for reading that trash) said:

Ms Ronan said: 'Sam Kelly died peacefully this morning after a long illness bravely fought. He does not leave any family but a host of friends who were his chosen family. His death is a great loss to them and the profession

No family at very sad.  Sad

I saw this tribute to Sam posted elswhere today

Brilliant !

Was he in that then?

Isnt he the Landlord of the Pub Barbie ?...or have i got it wrong ?

I don't think so....let me check....

oh looks like....

appearing about 4 mins 20 seconds in its also A young Roger Phillips, later, and currently  of of Radio Merseyside fame [ Mitch ]

Seems he often talked of Liverpool and his time here.

Interesting information of his life Barbie, thanks. I had no idea he had been a Cathedral Choirboy nor that John Crane the local Auction house owner had also been in the choir with him. Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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