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Rewriting History

I've just been watching BBC.1 Northwest News, one of the items on the show was a feature on the controversy surrounding the HS2 High spoeed Railway propsed for the area. Its Pros and Cons were discussed together with the objections from Local landowners and residents who would be affected by its propsed route. The Article made comparison with the similar objections raised in 1830 when a Railway was propsed betwen The two local towns of Liverpool & Manchester. The presenters referred to this, the First regular passenger Railway in the world  as 'The Manchester to liverpool Railway', they referred to it by this name throughout the News Report. Thats really strange isnt it considering the Railway was, founded by 'The Liverpool & Manchester Railway Company 'and was always known as 'The Liverpool & Manchester Railway.', and Never known as The Manchester & Liverpool railway,... The First day of the Railway was on 15th September 1830 and the trains , including . The Rocket' set off from  Edge Hill in Liverpool heading for Manchester. Now that is what you call Manchester Biased reporting .
They went even further in Airbrushing out Liverpool's prominence in this World First event by visting the Manchester Terminus of the Line which was Liverpool Rd Manchester which no longer functions as a Railway station and is a Museum.. Did they mention Edge Hill Station Liverpool which is the Oldest Passenger Railway station still in use in the Whole World?  Nahhh !They didnt even mention the place

Complain to them with your info. Cheeky boogers!  Rolling Eyes

Well,they are Manc's! q7  Laughing Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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