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Robbie Savage: Ten David Moyes mistakes at Manchester United

Manchester United will not win a trophy this season, and the man heralded as the "Chosen One" on a banner in the Stretford End has made too many poor choices of his own.

Since taking charge of a side that won last season's Premier League title by 11 points, David Moyes has endured a miserable eight months.

Clubs so often happy to leave United with a narrow defeat have boarded their respective team buses with landmark victories, domestic cup hopes have ended and, after midweek defeat at Olympiakos, the Red Devils' European hopes are on the same path.

Moyes put his head in his hands as Robin van Persie ballooned a late chance over the bar in Greece. In truth, supporters could be forgiven for having done the same at a far earlier stage, such was the latest bland offering in a season in which one disappointment has quickly followed another.

Moyes is getting deeper into the mire.  I reckon it will be make or break next season!

Ive mentioned before that I think His future will be guaranteed until Christmas but if the Mancs are still struggling at that stage then I think he will be paid off whatever number of Millions of pounds his contract is worth. Forum Index -> Sports News and Views
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