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Seaman's Orphanage/Newsham General.

I had a gander about the place today




I have loads more but i think you are limited to how many pics you can post in one go as it wont allow me to post more right now...

Good pic's,Barbie! Was there meself,today, quite a few people there,too! Your pic's look much like the ones I took,but it won't let me post any,right now......!

I enjoyed it very much Mojo.


Looking upwards to the higher floors....

Windows in a little kitchen.

I doubt this was there when it was a hospital.

I took some shot through the boarded windows of the wards. Nice view they had.

Remnants of a past Christmas

I took this one through a locked door, it was pitch black, just
shoved my camera through the 'letter box', seems it was an
admin office or something. I was hoping to get a pic of  something more than this, a spook would have been good. Laughing

I found a vertebrae bone in the grounds.... Confused

I took this not realising the bird was real, it flew towards me and intot he park.

Weather beaten...

I bet y'all gone to sleep now....sorry.....  Laughing  Laughing

Great stuff,Barbie! I like all the bits that you would normally not notice! Did you notice the place where the dogs are kept? Apparently,there are 2 of them,and normally,they have the run of that courtyard,which probably accounts for the bone!( at least I hope so? Shocked )

The dogs were in here...

The main hall...

Your room,sir/madam! An early attempt at privacy.

The sandbags and barbed wire around the place,were left over from the filming of a picture about the I.R.A.

A few people walked around the back of the hospital,and along this path,which then led to a dead-end. old incinerator!

....when we walked back,someone had locked the gate! Shocked

...some were getting a bit spooked!

.....freedom,after 20 minutes! Smile

Some thought this was a bit of a weird find..

It seems the hall was used for an exhibition,during the battle of the Atlantic commemoration,and there were various then,and now, pic's around,of some of the people involved.

This guy was the "bouncer"!  Laughing

There were questionnaires given out about opinions on some of the possible,future uses for the place,which though quite tatty,looks basically sound! Some ideas,include an exhibition centre, and a restaurant! It would be great to see it brought back into use!


Good pics Mojo ta for sharing them. You noticed things I didn't! I didn't see the old incinerator.
I did see where the dogs were kept. Poor things! They were stressed because so many people were in their territory that they normally guard.

Everyone was peering in at them. Sad

Can you tell me, was this the chapel?

And as for that vertebrae bone.....what the hell do they feed the dogs on if it was one of theirs?  Shocked

Interesting photos Barbie!

Interesting place Alice Smile Thanks.

I think someone said that it was,the chapel/church,at one time,but it had been used for other things,towards it's closure!
                                                                    I remember it still being in use,about '71/'72,and I/we had reason to go in there,briefly,and all we saw, were pretty much bed-ridden! The day-centre,next door stayed open though,till the late 90's,and only closed,due to the government saying they were institutionalised,much to the great dismay,of most of the people who used it??

P.S. maybe that bone was human!!  Shocked

Cheers mate, it was a guess on my behalf. it 'looks' like a chapel.

Back in 1895


Great photo Barbie

Barbie wrote:
Back in 1895

..I missed this thread, Wow ! great pics Barbie & MOJO. As well as being the best attended Heritage Event in 2013 The Seamans Orphanage building in Newsham Park must also be the most photographed too.
Comparing the pic of the Main Ground Floor Hall from its earlier days supplied above by Barbie with the 2013 Pic by MOJO demonstarates how well the building has survived and how relatively easy it could be returned to its forner Glory


It's weird how I stood there, yes all them years ago, those little mites were seated in the same spot.  Sad

Really interesting thread you two...the pics are wonderful and what a fabulous place...cant say I remember if from before so thanks for sharing

Would be criminal if they pull it down or let it rot so lets hope they do something fabulous with it..................too many of our heritage buildings are being lost.....I think it would make a wonderful hotel and then it would be full of life again


Brilliant photo's Barbie ,, looked a really interesting day,, would of loved to have gone ,,,,,,, thanks for sharing the pics xx Very Happy


It was fabulous Jan.
That's a fantastic pic too. You can see how hard they worked. Kids today don't know they are born. Forum Index -> Photographs
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