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seeking my grandad

Hi all

A very interesting forum full of great details.
I'm looking for my Grand father. Frank Horton. He was born approx 1890/1891. He has at various times given his father's name as George, Or walter or William.  It's very confusing.

He lied at 23 harbord street for quite a while. A few of his children, my aunts and uncles were born there - but I can't find any record of him in the 1911 census.

It's been impossible for me to find him as although he was a scouse who worked on the tunnels, he also probably came from Cheshire (family info) or even further away. So finding him directly is going to be impossible.  But it may help if anyone knows any information on Harbord St. Does anyone know when the houses were built? Or demolished?

Also has anyone used the library research facility? Is it easy  to use?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Hi Rob,
          having had a go at some genealogic research, myself, I know that it's not always as  straight forward as you might think!
                                                                              Have you any details of him, at all? Maybe a death, or marriage  certificate? Was he in military service of any kind?
                            I've never used the library facility, but I've heard that it's pretty good, and the staff there can help you!

Have a look through these....;gclid=COin_47Bm7UCFY7MtAodsmoAMA

Harbord Street Wavertree?
I don't think there is any residential property there now, it runs along Wavertree Tech park. I think....will check google maps.

I've been trying to find extended family from outside of Liverpool, most of my ancestors did come from elsewhere. Quite difficult, so many people with the same names back then. My great grandmother also went by on two names, sometimes she used her first name, other times her second. Keep looking for all those names you mentioned.

I've not been the library for ages but when i did, I found it usefull. I found my mum's baby brother's death which had been 'lost' and was able to find his grave from that. Family had been looking for a George/Georgie but actually, I discovered his name was Arthur George. So, keep on with the names.

Check also spellings of names. Make sure he was Horton and not Hourton for example. Back then, the census was full of little mistakes (so I was told).

Good luck. Would love to hear if you make any progress. All very interesting.  Very Happy

Hi Rob, welcome to the forum.

You could give Liverpool Central Library a ring, they have people who could help and point you in the right direction.  You can make an appointment to view items in their achives free of charge and can also use their search facilities on Ancestry and Find My Past.

Also free bmd is very useful and Family Search.

Good luck!

Any luck as yet Ronjones?

Life was different years ago.

I did my family tree and got back to G. G grandfather on my Fathers side but my mothers side was a mystery until I discovered another obscure family members tree.
I discovered my parents never married yet had 9 children.
When I took out Australian citizenship my parents had to marry.

Being a bastard never worried me but in my parents day a child out of wedlock was a huge scandal.
All of my 8 siblings and I loved, and still love the memory of our Mother and Father... They finally married in 1962, Bless em!

I even discovered another family  ... the 9 kids in my family also have 6 paternal siblings - curtesy of Daddy. Very Happy  
I Loved them all especially my dad who was prolific breeder ... He should have received a medal off the Queen.


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