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Shot In Liverpool

All of it here.....

Filmed in Sweeting Street which was once called Elbow Lane.

Sweeting street...


I didnt notice Sweeting street in that Vid Barbie, Ive just looked back and is it the very first bit where the horse rears up in front of the lad ?
Is your pic an 'As Now' image .in that I mean is that still like that today

Future Liverpool posted that pic on their facebook page. They asked if anybody knew what that place once was. I didn't but posted the pic on a group's wall on facey. There came back the answers that Sweeting street was once Elbow Lane and that the Hovis ad was filmed there. I googled those two facts and found them to be correct. Nobody seems to know what that building was. I am unsure how new or old the photo is. I was going to ask if anybody on here knew.

I can't view that on Firefox so here is some information about it.  Great that it was filmed in Liverpool.

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