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Sir Edwin Lutyens

Channel 4 8pm tonight  .i.e. now

Known as the best British Architect. designed the Pre War  Metroplitan Cathedral here in Liverpool,.... The Cenetaph in London.......Part of New Delhi... and the list goes on & on... Well worth a watch

Oh well, Hey Ho ! No mention was made of Lutyens proposed Mamoth design for The Metrolitan Cathedral.. Ok so The outbreak of WW2 and the escalated cost of construction resulted in only the Crypt being built and the modern Paddys Wigwam of the mid 1960s was the eventual outcome, but if it had been proposed for London instead of Liverpool do you think it would have been included in the program ?

here is the original Model of the fantastic Lutyen design and it can be viewed for real on the top floor in the Meseum of Liverpool at the Pier Head

Have you been down the crypt in the cathedral? I went last year and it has the info on this. I can't remember now if it was a model or a photo of the proposed building (god I'm getting worse) which they have there. The priest I was talking to was very defensive on it's eventual design. His attitude (not a bad one) suggested he meant, "Ok so the original design was much nicer and matched the one down the other end of Hope Street, but this is what we have and I love it, totally different to  that one up there, makes it unique....."
Laughing  Laughing
And I guess if it had been London it would have gotten a mention!

You should know the score with the media, and Liverpool, by now, B.B.! An interesting prog' regardless, and I'd love to visit the memorial at Thiepval, one day! Forum Index -> Websites & Reviews
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