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Skippering David Bowies Launch 1979

When I was skipper on David Bowie's launch, 1979
Me in the middle and Body-Guard Stu on the right
Taken about 40 years ago... Time flies when you're having fum

Flipping heck Tony....this photo is priceless!!!!! Shocked

David was looking good there....but you surpassed him!


When we were young we were all beautiful.
This is a song that is tucked away amongst my memories.
I first heard it in 1949, the year it was released Ė I had come through puberty about 2 years prior and my mind was in turmoil. It was girls, girls and more girls Ė my brain was going into meltdown but then I met my true love; that was 50 years ago

I donít see me in your eyes anymore Was re- released in the 70ís by the silver fox himself, Charlie Rich, it is an epitaph to all the girls I thought I loved - I hope you like it, Iím sure youíve all been there?  if it doesn't play try this link: Forum Index -> Music
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