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So cruel, carers who tormented a patient

Cruel carers filmed abusing a brain-damaged patient: Women face jail for smacking and swearing at helpless resident

   Worried family hid secret surveillance cameras around the man's room
   Rita Page and Lynette Crook were filmed in Bury, Greater Manchester
   Crook jabbed patient in torso and head with a pen whilst he was asleep
   Page slapped victim during struggle when she put pillow between legs
   Relatives launch petition for cameras in care homes for vulnerable people
   Page pleads guilty to two abuse charges and Crook pleads guilty to three

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I would love these two abusing scum to get a several slaps against their faces and elsewhere!  I hope they get the maximum jail sentence they can get for this offence.

Job title: Carer. Ha!
Scum!  Twisted Evil

Though it's no guarantee, remember the saying, if you pay for c**p, that's what you'll get!! It's good that people like this are being caught, which will hopefully deter at least some, from behaving the same way! Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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