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I bet you didn't know all this!


Me Miss. Me Miss.....(waving my hand in the air) I knew the answers Miss..... Laughing  Wink

I do like Southport...........

Yea, it is a great place for a scouser to wander about in the summer. East to get there, not too expensive and lots of fresh air.

I've been there a few times as a kid and a couple of times since then, but really dont know too much about the place apart from whats around the seafront and Lord Street area...........Oh Yeah ,and I know that the Orange Lodgers get completely Sloshed there every 12th July  Laughing

I go often, but the link I put up  maybe not quite right  Wink  Wink

We used to go to Southport a lot when the kids were younger.  We liked going to the Scasrisbrick Hotel for our lunch cos they allowed kids in and we thought Hesketh Park was nice. Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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