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St George's Hall.

It's free so will be packed but should be good. I'm going.


That looks amazing..donít forget to take your camera

I sure will if I get there.... Cool

I went to the history event today. It was very interesting, lots of groups and clubs promoting themselves, such as The Williamson's Tunnels mob and Wavertree Society etc. All were very helpful and happy to chat on their specialist subjects.
I loved the War stalls, i love seeing war time artifacts. Always sad but fascinate me.
I didn't take any photos, it wasn't really that sort of event.

St. George's Hall

Summer Arts Market >>

Saint Georges Hall.
My great grand father, TimDw was tried there at the assizes, at the turn of the 19th century, for running bets for a bookie.
He was down a back-ally collecting betting slips when someone yelled,
"The suffers are coming!"
Scuffer's was the colloquial name for the Bobbies.
Old Tim panicked and attempted to swallow the betting slips but without a pint of the black stuff (Guinness) he had no chance of that.

Once before the judge he refused to speak English so they had to find a Gaelic interpreter.... He was find 1 shilling and sixpence which was a fortune in the 1920's but without a doubt I bet he went on collecting betting slips.
My above bet is odds on. †Wink

St. Georges Hall is such a fine building, I would love to attend a wedding there. Forum Index -> Whats on in Liverpool and Merseyside
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