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St Luke's Conservation.

Last thursday, I was lucky enough to have a tour of St Luke's to show how the conservation is going.
I won two Golden tickets to go, out of 150 applicant only 20 of us won. I was well happy because i never win anything. The person I asked to go with me couldn't make it.

There was a photo in the Echo last friday, I'm on it but you can't see me very much. But once again, nothing 'great' happens to me so I was well chuffed!

It was great to see the contractors at work. One even went up the scaffolding for me to get a closer shot of the angels which remain in one of the windows, even though the rest of the windows lost the glass, apart from the window in the front with the Liver Bird on it. How poignant, two angels and the liver bird survived the fire which was started by incendiary devices. The fire was allowed to take hold because of the other major fires in the area took priority.




I took loads of pics, this is just a few. I really enjoyed it. And I got to keep my high Viz jacket.... Laughing

I asked the girl from Liverpool council if it was a choice between the St Luke's and The Futurist and St Luke's won. She just looked at me and said nothing. I smiled and said I knew I was right. The visit to St Luke's was to sugar coat the demise of the Futurist.
At one time I would have said, "Save The Futurist", however, these days I'm saying, The Futurist, as sad as it  is to see it go, needs to now be pulled down because Lime Street is rather scruffy up that end.
Just my opinion for what it is worth.

Thanks to Duggan and Parr, the contractors who made our visit interesting. Just make sure you do not damage our Bombed Out church and more than it is!  Wink  Cool

This is St Lukes as seen from Hannahs Brasserie next door, taken last summer.

Some nice pic's there, Barbie,  of the remaining stained glass! Smile

Excellent pics and lucky you Barbie to have won those tickets

Thanks peeps!
Liobian, that is a nice shot, you can't tell the church is a shell on it.

Some burned timber remains too. So sad.

Someone on Facebook said of my photos...."I hope the Krauts are going to be made to pay for this!"

I said, on the lines of,  "Maybe if we pay for all the damage we did in Germany!"

All these years on and still resentment.
Both sides lost a lot, people wise, building wise etc....I hate wars. So stupid!

Ha,ha, that's amazing that people can still make comments like that! Bet they're only 17?  Smile

From his profile I'd say he is in his 30s. ish...just another random who only sees one side of the story!

Raining again, when I took these, St. Luke's with a mack on!

Rolling Eyes

Good pics, so glad they've saved it. Forum Index -> Photographs
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