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Street Names in an order?

I just got this off the guy who does the now and then photos that i post......
I never knew......

He says:

Just thought I'd reshare this one from a while back, because I heard something new (to me!) about this road and its neigbours... I am told, that the roads off County Road starting at Oxton Street and heading west are as follows - Oxton, Winslow, Eton, Neston, Andrew, Nimrod, Dane, Wilburn, Ismay, Lind, Lowell, Index, Arnot...and then after the junction and a couple of others for some reason, maybe the layout has changed or something, Mandeville.

When I was doing photos here, I couldn't see any rhyme or reason to an eclectic bunch of names but apparently they spell out OWEN AND WILLIA..M, after Owen and William Elias, brother architects who planned buildings in the area. I'm told that ELIAS is spelt out over the road, and I'm not sure but can see from the church heading north there is an Elton, Liston, Imrie, Astor, Selina Roads, all next to each other so maybe that's it?

I didn't know if that was common knowledge (it seems too much to be a coincidence to me!) but I found it interesting anyway!

I wonder if there are any similar layouts like that around the city...?

I think this is brilliant! Did anybody else know? I wonder if there is anymore around the city?

Good post Barbie,  I myself did know about the origins of the naming of those streets, they are mentioned in several places on the Net and in a few Local books too, but it will be fascinating for anyone not knowing of them, especially if they live, or have lived in those streets.
I too now wonder if anymore streets were named in a simiar manner by other Builders,, something to look into. Ta !

Yep, will start looking at areas and reading the names....keep me amused for hours  hahaha!

That is really interesting.....I love hearing about the origins of names and places....let us know if you come across any more

For anyone not too familiar with the Counbty road area or who may have been away from it for some time, here is a short drive through Vid showing the County rd junctions of most of the Streets mentioned in Barbies post.

Ta Beeb.

You are welcome Barbie.
I have found other Streets related to this same family of Welsh builders which are named to a similar theme.

brill Cool

Lovely..thanks for that BB Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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