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Super Mersey authority a step closer as council meets

Plans for a combined authority on Merseyside that aims to help the region's economy are a step closer.

Under the proposals, all six councils would devolve key powers into a single body on 1 April.

For now, it is known as the Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral Combined Authority.

Once approved, it could bid for extra government money on transport, economic development, employment and skills. The government supports the idea.

Six heads are better than one. At least, that's the thinking behind the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, or whatever it will eventually be called.

A row over its title has left some observers wondering if the personalities involved will actually be able to work as well together as they claim.

The idea is to create a strategic body which would see the region compete with Greater Manchester - and the rest of the UK - in terms of coherent bids for inward investment from both central government and private business.

At the moment, while the six council leaders meet frequently, they have no formal decision making powers as a group. A united front is surely essential to the success of any combined authority - the question is, can any internal squabbles be kept behind closed doors?

It will be renamed once the six local authorities can agree on an official name. Until then, it has the lengthy working title.

I am not sure this is a good idea as I feel that Liverpool are going to lose out!

This sounds like what Merseyside County Council should have been transformed to, instead of being abolished by Maggie in revenge for losing the poll tax battle. Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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