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The History Liverpool Fish and Meat Markets

It is likely that the earliest market in Liverpool was established by a charter granted by King John in 1207.  Fees from markets were originally the property of the Sovereign and organised communities were distinguished by those which held markets.  

In 1545 Sir Richard Molyneux obtained the right to fees from the town including those from markets and fairs.  This right was purchased by Liverpool Corporation in 1773 which since this time has been the sole authority with rights to fees from markets.  In 1995 Liverpool City Council granted a 99 year lease for fees from the Liverpool Meat and Fish market in Prescot Road to a private landlord who took responsibility for maintenance of the buildings.

Inside the fish market in Great Charlotte Street


The Fish Market in Great Charlotte Street dated 1940


A great interior shot of the market,Alice,which I haven't seen before! That's interesting about the charter,which I think, was a pretty important right to aquire,and would mean a lot financially for the then,small town!

Thanks for the thread Alice. Interesting stuff. I love the guys in the fish market with the trench coats on, my dad wore one. Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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