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The Kirkby Rent Strike.

Review: "Not least of the advantages of 'Behind the Rent Strike' is the simplicity and clarity of its structure. The film deals with the rent strike undertaken by 3000 tenants in Kirkby New Town, shortly before Christmas 1973, as a protest against the Housing Finance Bill. Beginning and ending with affirmation of the value of the experience gained during the action, 'Behind the Rent Strike' falls into two main sections. The first deals with social conditions in Kirkby: from an exposť of appalling housing conditions, the film moves inside Ruffwood Comprehensive School, where we first of all witness visits by representatives of authority formally external to the school (religion and the police) and then a compelling scene of internal school discipline acted out between the deputy headmaster, another master and two boys. The teachers play their parts with great relish, for all the world like slightly older and more powerful bullies. The work possibilities open to the young people of Kirkby are then demonstrated in footage of a chicken processing factory employing almost entirely female labour. The second section deals with the rent strike -- tenants' meetings, council meetings, clashes between tenants and police, and the attempt to extend the strike to include industrial action, the arrest of one militant and the consequent demonstrations. 'Behind the Rent Strike' is an extremely competent movie -- ebullient, enthusiastic and entertaining."
- Rosalind Delmar, Sight and Sound
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