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The Knockers are out again

Dont get too excited its not that sort of knockers that are out ...No its the Anti -Liverpool Ignoranus Knockers who are out trying to put the boot in again.
They have chosen The Derelict Welsh Streets presently in a state of  limbo , as their opinion of typically what Toxteth is like. They are so ignorant that they cant even spell the name of Toxteth correctly.
Now it would not have suited their purpose to do so, but if they had swung a camera over the back of this particular spot into the Devonshire Rd area immediately behind it then this is what they could have shown

This could rival anything in London...

So too could the Beautiful Princes Park

..and just a couple of hundred yards up the road is this....

The fantastic Toxteth Town Hall..

What do you reckon on their motives ?
I rest my case !


Here is what they choose to show...........

Rolling Eyes Tossers! Jealousy's a terrible thing!!!!

Those photos are lovely but us scousers will always have someone who try and knock us down but we are very resilient and proud of our city!

Barbie,It is jealousy , no doubt about that.
Alice the photos were off Google Stret view , i agrre that there will always be  people , be them Politicians , Journalists, so called Celebrity Comedians ,or whoever, who are all too ready to knock this City and its people, but the people of this City will always immediately put them right ,and in the end its the jealous knockers that are exposed as the fools, for all too see.

So much of the country, not all, would love to keep the heel on Liverpool, makes them feel better, superior,  in their own little sad lives.
But guess what, they can go Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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