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The Kop.....

I was quite  Embarassed  not to know how it got its name.......I have since been put right.....any one else know..... Question  Question

Ohhhhhhh I remember being told how but right now, I can't recall to google I go....... Embarassed

Barbie wrote:
Ohhhhhhh I remember being told how but right now, I can't recall to google I go....... Embarassed

beat yer
The Kop at Anfield dates back to 1905-06. At the end of that season
which saw Liverpool lift the second of their league championships the
directors at the club decided to reward the loyalty of the fans by
building a new brick and cinder banking at the Walton Breck road end
of the ground. It was christened as the Spion Kop by Ernest Jones in
memory of the many scousers who died in battle over a hill in South
Africa by the same name during the Boer War

However, that reckoned without a series of blunders by the British
High Command, led by Sir Redvers Bullers, and the terrifying fighting
qualities of the Boers. Reports at the end of the battle, which raged
for two days stated 332 killed, 563 wounded and 163 prisoners taken,
but these figures are still open to question with some claiming up to
340 killed and 1000 wounded. The Boers had beaten the mightiest army
in the world and the reverberations were felt around the globe.

To commemorate the their fallen, upon returning home the surviviors
named stands at their local football grounds 'the Kop', the most
famous of these being 'the Kop' at Anfield(Liverpool FC).

The Kop remembers the Liverpool men who lay, frightened, at the foot
of an obscure hill in Africa all those years ago. The Kop has proved
equally daunting to visiting teams and has witnessed many great
victories for Liverpool FC. Hopefully, it will continue to do so for
another 100 years."

Thanks scousey.....I actually didn't know that, I am sure I was told something else!

Some more information about Kops and Kopites!

Funny how I had to move to SA to learn this info Shocked

And then I only found about it on a trip to Ladysmith were the battle took place Embarassed

Well thanks for bringing it to the fore Lizzie. Now we all know.  Very Happy Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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