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The New Royal

Joe Anderson along with others officially kicked off the 3 Year rebuilding project of The New Royal hospital site to the rear of the existing Hospital, The existing one being itself only  completed  just over 35 years ago, after taking nearly 15 years to build.



Gosh is it really 35 yrs since the Royal was built.....seems like only yesterday we were moving into it.....

Lizzie, it was Dogged by problems even before it was occupied, The Main Contractor went bust and then Union disputes followed and the  the whole build took from mid 1960s right through to the latter part of the 1970s, nearly 15 years in total. By the time it was eventually up and running it was already an outdated design and has struggled to keep up with changing requirements ever since.  I hope you enjoyed your time there though cos, in General, the Staff on the ground , do a superb job, and richly desrve the new facilities coming there way in 3 years or so

Loved my time at the Royal..I was there from 1978 til 1982..I was working as a theatre the Northern we only had three the Royal we had 12

Lived in Rowan House which was the nurses home..been knocked down I believe....anyway it was nearer to the Cabin so we were happy Laughing  Laughing Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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