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The Northern lights.......

just got back from a fabulous trip to Iceland.....and were so lucky to see these.....


What fabulous pics. It's not often you get the chance to even see the northern lights.

Yes we were so lucky......the pics do not do them justice

we also went whale is a MInke whale....again not so clear we have a video of them but I cant get that to download here

Some Dolphins


Also found this amazing

It is the John Lennon Peace Tower also in Iceland.......designed by Yoko lights up every year from his birth date 9th Oct to the date of his death 8th Dec and sends powerful light rays to the skies.

Iceland was chosen because it is eco friendly and because of the geothermal energy..beneath it are buried up to 5000,000 written wishes collected by Yoko since his death

All around the tower the word peace is written in 24 different languages.....

Liverpool gets every where


The geothermal area with the great geysir blowing its top
The smell of sulphur is overpowering


The mighty Gullfoss waterfall


And finally the North Atlantic Rift.....Iceland is slowly being pulled towards North America


Lizzie.....I'm well jell!!!

Fabulous place to visit I'm told from others. My dad told me about the northern lights, he saw them often.
Thanks for sharing your photos. They're great! Seeing those whales with my own eyes probably would have made them water a bit.... Smile

Great pic's Liz' glad you had a good time!

Really amazing photos Lizzie, thanks for sharing them. Forum Index -> Photographs
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