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The Old Priests House...

These are what's left of a georgian terrace,in Great Mersey st,the one on the left,being derelict,for many years,in spite of efforts by the  Rotunda"college,next door,to aquire it,or  get something done about it,before it went!
          I don't know any details,but I think it's great that it's been saved,and the remains of the whole terrace,snazzed up,well,except for the one on the extreme (what's the matter with these people?)

P.S. Does anyone (under 50/60) still call this area/bus stop,the "Rotunda" ??

Great pic Mojo. Maybe the one on the end will  catch up! I love it hat they are saved.
Rotunda! Are you a mind reader? Few days ago, I saw the word Rotunda and I thought, what is that?  Razz Well, now I know eh?

Good Pics MOJO, The Rotunda have saved that unusual Terrace from disappearing into oblivian, and the Nursery have thankfully made good use of the Stanley Rd corner plot .Did you venture around the back of the terrace as the empty one looked in worse condition from there last time I looked.
Which one was formally A Priests House ?

The "Rotunda" theatre stood on the triangle of land at the junction of Stanley rd,and Scotland rd. It was destroyed by german bombing in September 1940,but not finally demolished till 1941! It was/is still known by many,as the "Rotunda" when giving directions,etc,even though there's nothing there! Laughing
                           The priests house is the one on the left,B.B.

Ta for that info MOJO.  The size and Grandeur of those houses has always interested me. Today I looked back to the residents  @ 1900 of that particular terrace on that Side of Great Mersey Street just from Stanley Rd down to Kirkdale Rd.
The Priests house had 3 Priests In Residence, plus probably housekeeper etc, There were quite a few Medical Doctors houses , 2 Vetinary Surgeons houses and no less than 3 seperate residences of Vicars from various local Anglican & Welsh Churches.
As I say I've only checked that short stretch of terrace and only on one side of the Street..
That particular Street must have been quite up market in the Mid to late Victorian Era

There was a full row of georgian houses,until relatively,recently,in the part of Boundary st. next along to it,with just a couple occupied....but now all gone,and just grass!
                                  As for the priest's house,I believe that canon Hopkins,was one of the later occupants. He was one of my local priest's,at St.John's,Kirkdale,when I was a kid,and he could tell if you hadn't been to mass............just by looking across the street at you!?

Ha,I was just going to post a pic' of him,and guess what? it's encrypted,so even holy joe never escaped the wrath of Dirtynet! Smile

Re: The Old Priests House...

MOJO. Here is a 'Then' to go with your ' Now '
What a fine job has been made of the 'Priests House'

I also looked for a Cannon Hopkins pic for you and found these..


Jeezuz....remember him well! Good now and then pic'B.B.!

Well done boys. Great thread.
Just look at those cheeky kids faces!  Very Happy Forum Index -> Photographs
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