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The Ripper Murders.

Most of us know all about James Maybrick and his wife Florence, but did you know about this guy who was also linked to the Ripper Murders? Fredrick Deeming, not born in Liverpool but settled in two Merseyside areas.  I've just watched an Australian  a t.v. programme on the guy. Some good evidence of why he may be the Ripper of Old London town.....If you get the chance to watch it, do so. Very interesting.

The house he murdered his wife in in Rainhill has been demolished and a new one but the stone pillars of the gateway are still there. Does anyone who already knows about this know what street ot road the Villa was in?

The Ripper case has always interested me, not sure why, very gruesome, but who, why and how did they get away with it does fascinate me.

It's weird yet amazing that the shawl of one of the victims is here in Merseyside, owned by someone who bought it in auction. The copper who was the first on the scene of the murder allegedly took it off the victim, Catherine Eddowes and passed it on to a family member of his? (WHY?) John Moore's Uni did DNA tests on stains on the shawl but the tests proved inconclusive as the stains could have been other things. I didn't actually hear that they had authenticated the shawl.

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