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The Wesh Streets Fight

Public enquiry opens into this long running dispute involving Local Residents , The Council and The Government

My personal opinion is that these homes should be saved and investment found to refurbish them, Too many tradiditional Terraced Streets have needlessly been wiped away for inferior build new developments

I agree that these old houses should be saved and modernised instead of building houses that don't last as long!

Inferior! Now there's a good word Beeb. They knocked down the street where i was born and bred and in it's place are new properties, the street lost it's name too. Evil or Very Mad  Two years on, there is complaints about the new properties apparently. One resident I have been told, has a flag outside telling the world the problems with the house.
Save the Welsh streets!!!!

Interesting article here from the end of last year

I am sure it is mentioned some where....but what are the Welsh Streets....cant recall them......or is it an area where Welsh people live/lived like the Chinese live in and near China Town...yeah I know that sounds dumb but you get my drift..hopefully..... Wink

Laughing You make it sound like an interment camp for the Welsh Lizzie..... Laughing

The streets are in Dingle Lizzie, one is the former childhood home of that tosser Ringo star. The streets have welsh names. The Welsh played a big part in building Liverpool up. Why do you think we add about 12 'k's to the ends of our words? Know warramean likkkke? Razz  Dingle isn't the only area to have a set of Welsh streets. Old Swan brags a few too; Pensarn, Abergele, Colwyn......
The master of knowledge can tell you more.....enter stage right BB.... Very Happy

You've put it as well as I could Barbie .  I'll just add that at the height of the Welsh building era in and around Liverpool & Birkenhead there were so many with similar names such as Williams, Hughes, Owen, Davies and Jones etc, that knicknames were given to them in order to easily distinguish one from another in normal conversational modes....i.e. for Jones, there was the well known tight as a ducks A*se John Jones Drinkwater, then there was a Mason Jones, a Tom Tom Jones and also a Nosey Jones .   Laughing  brilliant.!.lots more too
Links with the forerunner of HSBC bank too in the guise of the predecesor to the former Midland bank being The North & South Wales Bank which was founded in Liverpool

Laughing Barbie

Thanks for the info you two......that is something I did not know. as I am not that familiar with the Dingle area...........I am learning a lot from this site...... Wink

You're welcome Lizzie. I bet the history of Liverpool isn't the only thing you learn on here.... Laughing  Laughing  Razz

Beeb, even in Wales, there is Dai Station, Jones Butcher, oh hang on....

Laughing  Laughing

I loved reading that Barbie, Thanks
Mrs Porty reminded me of our New Lord Mayor 
.. only joking Erica Laughing Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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