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The home page of that site with lots more

Thanks for that link SM. Passed that many times in my young days, never thought anything of it. Will have a good look at that.

Nice link Scousemouse. The shots above the false ceiling inside of the former cinema are amazing... a step back in time.
I pass that building on a regular basis and it is in a very sad state indeed.
Its colour scheme has changed again since the images shown in that link and its  main colour is now Shocking Pink   Shocked
here it is in a pic from this week, also showing the Royal Pub next door to the right


Rolling Eyes  It should not be pink!
I have lots of memories with there.
Tesco was a few doors up, went there every saturday with mum, dad and my sister. We went after the footy match had started and we got back before the match ended, so we always had the parking speck outside our house  Laughing
Then they introduced parking permits for the residents so we could go any time we wanted.
There was a butchers nearby and a fishmonger which mum shopped at. Rays the chandlers further down the road, the t.v. shop we hired the t.v. off, not to mention the sweet shop where I got some of my fave comics from.

Ta for the personal memories Barbie, I love that background info, Its stuff you can never really get from books.

I think the Pink colour scheme is a subtle way of attracting women into using the store. after all it sells furniture  for the home, women being the main  descision makers on this particular being merely the money providers in the deal [ ouch !  size 6s ] , they probably wait next door in the Royal

Ahem....s'cuze moi?
Size 6's at the ready.....some of us are independant, work hard and everything we buy is out our own monies..... **sticks tongue out at you***
The guy I bought my new fridge freezer of last week got told off for the same comment....... Laughing  Laughing
His face was funny when I said, Oh I was just going to get a new cooker off you but I'll go elsewhere now...... Razz  Laughing Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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