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Time spent on the net

Ever realised how much time you spend on the net? Good job I work most of the day or I think I'd be on it all day. Just look at the amount of posts you and others have done just on this site alone! I just checked mine out and near fainted..... Confused

Addicted or what?

Ah well, at least it is interesting addiction! I love this city and all it's past and present photo's.
Thanks to everyone who posts pics, comments and links.  Cool

You can imagine those sci-fi images of how humans might evolve,in the future........could well be true!!!! q39

I look upon it as a bit of down time.....its the only forum I go on and I donít do f/book etc .......its a lovely way of connecting with people with a common interest to share things and have a bit of friendly banter....

Going on the internet is a pleasure.  I flit on and off as I also like reading and watching T.V.

It is a great invention innit? I was just shocked at the amount of posts I've done on here. Triple it and you've got my facebook amount!  Confused

On a side.....Who invented the internet? The Americans or the Brits  Question Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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