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Tourism Day

Today is World Tourism Day

Tourism which was founded by Thomas Cook on July 5th 1841 when he organised a trip from Market Harborough to Loughborough for a temperance meeting.

By 1845, Cook's tourist industry had grown to offering trips to Glasgow for a guinea.

His first foreign trip was a six day stay in Paris in 1861.

Tourism is worth more than 120billion a year to the UK.

Nearly three million people in the UK are employed in the tourism related industry.

Bet he didn't forsee the daylight robbery of today's train prices!  Confused

Watched European Journeys with Michael Portillo in Switzerland.  I wish we had railways like the Swiss, well run and clean with stunning views around Lake Geneva.  I would like to travel around Europe by train but it isn't cheap.

I forst wanted to do a Swiss cross country train journey when i was about 14 having watched it on the t.v. Brilliant! Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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