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Trying to figure out.....

...and you lot can help me! I have much faith in you.

Derby street, Old Swan. It doesn't really exist any more. There is a name plate there and the pub which stands on the the corner of it and also Prescot Road is it's name sake. The Derby pub is still a thriving pub.
As you can see here, from Google maps, the street no longer is residential.

Here is a photo of one of the little houses which stood there, taken in 1966.

Now, the building to the left of the pic which cuts across the street, is that what still stands? This being part of the old abattoir.
If so, then there couldn't have been many houses in that street could there? This is what I am trying to find out.

If you go round the corner to Green Lane and go down the alley way which was once Etna Street you can still see the cobbles and you can go right down it. This is now a plumbing place. (I think) Anyway, that leads to a dead end, as you can see from the map off Bing maps....

(Smoker caught taking a crafty 5 mins)

Looks very like a tiny street behind the "Belmont" pub,on Belmont rd. There is now,only one house,with a garage,tile shop on the opposite side,but maybe there were more,at one time? The street was flagged,with a couple of drain channels in them,so it does seem there were more than one! The flags were pinched a few years back,with the householder saying,"I heard nothing"  Rolling Eyes  Wink

p.s. Didn't we do Etna st.recently?

Yeah, I mentioned Etna few weeks back. But didn't realise it ran down to a dead end where just to the left of it somewhere  ended this little street too. I would love to know how many houses where in that street, they must have been so cramped.

Barbie ,Well spotted on that little alleyway formally being a Street, I would have guessed it as only being an access way to the Pub.  I did a bit of searching this afternoon on it and as your pic shows it certainly was a residential street at one time. It looks from Street plans that Derby Street was very similar in width as Swan Street on the other end of that block along Prescot Rd. Derby Street has lost its full former width when that Industrial unit and large compound was built next door to it.  There was also a third street along that frontage before Cheadle Avenue but it has been completely swalowed up by the Industrial site.
These 3 Streets all had houses on both sides of about 10 properties per side and Derby street had the first few in from Prescot rd in use as small commercial units similar to what is still surviving in Swan Street today.,,one of the first units in next to the Derby Pub was a Coal Merchants.
All these streets formally led up to a Rice Mill which The Rea Metal Widow Manufacturer eventually had their factory built on and of course access was available through to Etna St itself, Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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